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What do we offer at Sabr Media?

Audio Editing

We refine audio to create a crisp professional sound and can create effects and foley


We comb through A.I. transcriptions to ensure accuracy and nuances are captured

Cover Art

We can help you with podcast art and thumbnail design

Video Editing

Give us your raw footage and we will transform into your vision

Launch Package

We offer comprehensive support to kickstart your podcast journey

Custom Packages

If there are gaps in your podcast process, we can fill in as needed


Our tailored, bite-sized content delivers impactful storytelling

Show Notes

We take care of descriptions and apply Search Engine Optimization


We can assist with the editing or assist from manuscript to publishing


Audio Only

  • Clean up audio

  • Remove "um's" and "uh's" etc.

  • Add any PROVIDED intros, outros, and audio clips

  • A.I. Generated Transcript

  • Upload to hosting service if details are PROVIDED

Basic Video

  • Audio Only services

  • Will insert all provided visual assets

  • Up to three 30 second clips for socials with captions 

Advanced Video

  • Basic Video services

  • Custom sound and video effects

  • Creative additions and recommendations 

  • SEO optimized show notes

  • White-glove transcription

Pricing is for episodes up to one hour in length

before editing, additional $30 per half hour

Launch Package

Everything you need to set your podcast up for success!

  • Consultation and planning sessions

  • Podcast cover art and thumbnail designs

  • First three episodes ready to post

  • Short form content clips for each episode

  • Distribution setup

  • Notion templates and other organization resources

$700 Value 28% Discount!

Rocket Launch

Custom Packages

If you need us to fit into your production process and provide select services, ask us about creating a custom package.





Subscription Pricing Available at a reduced rate for clients with a regular schedule or batch orders.

Contact us for more details.

Reduced Rates Available

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